7 Steps to Success

How We Turn Your Business Into A Powerful Wealth Generation Machine Using Our Business Acceleration Process

Instant alchemy Business Development use the powerful and Proven Alchemy 7-step business acceleration system that has taken over 12 years to develop from scrutinising and examining over 3,400 marketing campaigns, sales methods and business improvement programs and much more.

This Acceleration System, once implemented into your business is ‘guaranteed‘ to bring about significant and rapid results. Furthermore, the reason why our expertise and methods have been featured in national newspapers, BBC TV and several prestigious business journals is because they work!

We’re often asked, “How can Instant alchemy Business Development transform your business into a powerful wealth generation machine using this Business Acceleration Process?” Well, the 7 steps below when implemented by our experienced business consultants’ carry the answers!

DISCOVERY: We carry out a comprehensive, detailed and thorough analysis using our Instant alchemy Business Growth Audit. The audits purpose is to provide you and our business consultants with a penetrating insight into the business and a road map to uncover opportunities and reveal hidden assets that may be quickly capitalised and refined.
ALCHEMISATION: At this stage, following the Business Growth Audit, we start releasing the locked-in cash within your business by implementing the Quick Cash Strategies that produce spectacular and rapid revenues for you to immediately bank. You will be amazed at the amount of cash that is locked away in your business and how quickly this can be converted.
RESEARCH: In this step, we explore and conduct market, staff and competitor research using our Instant alchemy Company Research Analysis. The analysis worksheets will complete both your understanding of the business – we will also review your organisation and staff structure, your market positioning and competitor activities.
POSITIONING: Following on from the Research Step, we will conduct interactive workshops to refine your market positioning, your USP and a thorough review of your business against our benchmarking strategies including the “26 Marketing Mistakes”.
IMPLEMENTATION: From the information gathered in the previous 4 steps, we are now in a position to formulate your business Action Plan and begin the work of implementation with a blueprint for the future success of your business. The Instant alchemy Action Plan is your road map for this strategic process, the recovery, building and improvement of your business. Together, we can now drive the business forward.
SYSTEMISATION: The Systemisation step is all about getting your business on to auto-pilot. This critical step is the enabler – it enables you, the business owner, to work on your business rather than in your business, building for the future. This must be done to prevent your business slipping back into its pre-Instant alchemy condition. Procedures, policies and systems will be initiated so as to realise the true capital value of your business position your business for growth and to become investor ready, if that is your goal.
MAINTENANCE: This final step uses the Instant alchemy Client Maintenance process to ensure that the hard work of the previous six steps continues to reap the rewards and benefits that have been generated. This is the continuing process of ensuring that the systems are working, there may be some adjustments as your business grows, it may be the time you start considering your exit strategy.

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