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Based in United Kingdom, Instant alchemy is a licensed partner for the Alchemy Network, a dynamic international sales, marketing and business development consultancy that operates in Northern Ireland, UK, USA, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
We’re professionally trained, highly motivated and experienced group of dedicated business and management consultants and business coaches with a primary role to assist you, the small and medium size business owner, to grow your profits and develop to your full potential by introducing our proven systems and strategies into your business.                            
Instant alchemy Business Development’s consultants and business management consultants use a step-by-step process in your business to develop powerful sales and marketing processes that will ‘open doors’, generate new customers, increase your sales, boost your profits, and additionally unlock considerable amounts of untapped cash within your business. Our business consultants assist you in the systemisation of your business to enable you to be free from the day-to-day running of your business – In other words, we help you make more money!
We assist you in the systemisation of your business, enabling you to be free from the day-to-day running of your business. Our aim is to get you to work ON your business and not in your business!
Our proven 7-step Instant alchemy acceleration system will assist you to transform your business. Our business consultants will look at your short and long-term objectives and together in partnership, we’ll assist you in developing a strategy to optimise your company and your resources, putting you closer to attaining your success and helping you to stand out from your competitors.
The one essential goal you must have is clear commitment to sustained success and a serious desire to develop your organisation’s sales capability and take it to the next level.
That’s what makes all our business consultants at Instant alchemy Business Development different. We go beyond the stereotypical reports and presentations of ‘business coaches’ and go into the inner workings of a company. Our business consultants and management consultants roll up their sleeves, and work together with you to fix the underlying issues and provide the solutions that you need. In the process, we’ll assist you in increasing sales and profits using proven sales, marketing and business development systems.
We know that every client and their business problems are unique. The Instant alchemy solution means fully understanding your business needs, delivering and implementing tailor made strategies and helping you focus on a successful future: Sustainability & Profit.

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