Boost Your Profits

The prime objective of any business (unless of course you are a charity or other form of not for profit organisation) is to make a profit. As much profit as possible in order to provide a meaningful return on the investment for the owners, investors and stake-holders in the business. Every decision made and action taken should contribute to that objective or, at the very least, bear it very much in mind.

Perhaps one the most succinct definitions of the purpose of a business is “the profitable satisfaction of consumer demand”. Every business should be set up in such a manner as to satisfy its customers in a way that makes a healthy profit. With the proviso that customers MUST be satisfied in order to survive and prosper, every business should be organised in such a way that you maximise gross profitability whilst minimising the cost of obtaining sales and operating your business. Peter Drucker, one of the best known and most successful business experts / management consultants and prolific author of business books, once said, “a business has two – and only two – functions; marketing and innovation. Marketing and Innovation produce results, all the rest are costs.”

As the owner of the company, you should be asking yourself constantly “how can I increase the profitability of each and every transaction and minimise operating costs whilst at the same time improve customer service.”

The Instant Alchemy Business Acceleration System provides no less than 68 ways to increase business profitability.

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