Business Mastery Coaching Programme (BMCP)


Studies of the best companies, top marketers and star salespeople in every field all agree that the following are keys to developing a successful business:

  • Consistency and discipline are absolutely key
  • Two hours of effective business coaching per week can transform your business, IF it’s proactive rather than reactive
  • Repetition of the 12 key areas of skill at least twice per year can lead to dramatically improved performance
  • S.M.A.R.T achievable goals and a VISUALISATION of positive outcomes

By modelling the successful systems and strategies of large blue chip companies, Instant Alchemy have developed “The Business Mastery Programme” this programme will help create the foundations of a successful business. This step-by-step 12 week course and we provide practical instruction and work with you to help to implement the powerful strategies that will transform your business and systemise it to give you repeatable results week after week!


  • Better internal communication among your employees
  • Improved proactive and strategic thinking that will help the manager/owner prioritise more effectively and focus on strategies that increase results.
  • Allow The owners to work ON the business instead of IN the business, leading to More Sales, More Customers and business GROWTH
  • The entire company begins to sing in harmony. The team spirit and confidence improves greatly. No matter what the problem is, your staff will solve it, own it and implement it enthusiastically

The Programme Modules

1.      Formulating a USP & Unbeatable Strategic Advantage

2.      Creating Your Business Success Plan, Road map to SUCCESS

3.      Developing a Winning Team

4.      Building a Winning Image and Enduring Brand

5.      Systemising Your Business for Efficiency & Maximum Profits

6.      Time Management For Busy Business People

7.      How to Make Turn Your Prospects into Customers

8.      Winning more Business

9.      Selling More to Existing Customers

10.  Radically Increase Your Profit Margin

11.  Developing Your Broader Business Skills

12.  Taking Your Business to the Next Level

“A comprehensive and relevant Business Coaching Programme designed to provide everything that you need to know, to turn your business into a money making machine”.

We will work with your company to implement Business Mastery success principals into your organisation

Download further information on the Business Mastery Programme (pdf)

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