Exceed Your Expectations

Very few businesses today have a monopoly in their industry or marketplace. The vast majority have several competitors vying for the same business all doing their best to woo customers away. The best way of resisting this is by being in some way special and making your customers want to continue doing business with you, for a very long time! More than any other strategy, really impressing your customers with outstanding customer service is a great way to differentiate your business and make you stand out from the crowd.

More lip-service is paid to customer service than any other aspect of business but the painful truth is that, in many cases, customer service levels are so bad that customers tell others how bad it is! Without doubt, the single most effective differentiator is exceptional customer service, the type of service that’s so good your customers want to tell others all about it.

Many factors affect the level of customer service you provide. First and foremost is the commitment of the business owners and key executives to the principle, followed by the efficiency of the business (an inefficient business cannot sustain acceptable levels of customer service on an on-going basis) and its dedication to providing what customers want, when they want it in the way they want it.

Business efficiency starts with your organisational structure and the extent to which your systems and procedures are standardised to best practice standards and implemented by everyone working in the business from top to bottom.

Providing good service is the least that customers should expect and is not a sufficient differentiator. Providing levels of service which exceed and delight customers on the other hand certainly is. With the Instant alchemy Business Acceleration System, you can expect a full review of organisational structure, systems and procedures, attitudes towards customer service and dozens of methods and techniques to get your customers “buzzing” about the service they receive, buying more from you, staying with you longer and recommending you to others.

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