Generate More Sales

Do you need more sales? Are you not maximising your ‘wallet share’ from you current customers? It’s become something of a cliché but your existing customers really are your best prospects for increasing sales, FACT… Your existing customers already know you and trust you – otherwise they wouldn’t still be customers – but, in your eagerness to gain new business, are you overlooking the easiest, lowest cost and most profitable ways of increasing sales?

Having created a customer base you have also created your greatest potential source for growth, yet this is frequently (and more often than not) overlooked when plans to increase sales are being considered.

The Instant alchemy Business Acceleration System contains no fewer than 55 tried and tested methods of increasing the number of orders or transactions from existing customers and a further 53 proven methods of increasing the value of those transactions. What’s more, increased sales gained in this way are far less costly and much more profitable than sales gained from new customers (it is a fact that it is at least 5-7 times more expensive to win business from new customers than from existing customers).

And it doesn’t end there; we have 38 techniques to keep your customers longer than they would normally be expected to remain as customers and almost twice as many ways of getting them to refer other customers to you. Just think of the compound effect of that on your business!

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