Nova Business Growth System Launch   

We have just launched our new Nova business growth system which promises to provide long lasting sales and marketing success to our clients.


Nova embeds many of the sales and marketing strategies that we work on with clients in a 3 volume series of manuals that clients get to keep. The 3 volumes are as follows;

Volume 1 - Preparation and Fast Cash Strategies

Here we get to work with clients on their USPs and market positioning. We then identify the optimal lead generation strategies and put the necessary sales & marketing collateral and systems in place to guarantee success. In parallel to this we identify quick wins within the business to generate immediate sales growth (normally when we go into a business there are at least 2 or 3 ways to achieve this).

Volume 2 - Implementation and Follow up
This is where we roll our sleeves up and get into the detail of implementing growth strategies and systems with clients. We focus on all aspects of the sales cycle from lead generation and conversion through to order value, order frequency, and customer retention. 

Volume 3 - Resources
We leave clients a full compendium of sales and marketing resources which includes 120 methods and systems to grow a business. 

By the end of the Nova process clients, working in partnership with the Instant Alchemy consultant, will have implemented proven sales and marketing strategies within their business and will have laid the foundations for future success in terms of sales, profits, and the ultimate value of their business. 

For further information on the Nova business growth system please get in touch.

Download further information on the NOVA Business Growth System (pdf)  

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