The complete Business Acceleration System                          

What is NOVA?

NOVA is a “Sales and Marketing Business Growth System” that should have come with your business.  In its development, over 3,400 marketing campaigns, ads, sales methods and business improvement systems were scrutinised and examined to create a proven system


For the first time there is a step by step system that business owners and managers can follow to create the winning formula.


Benefits of NOVA

·         Step by step system with workbooks for managers and owners to complete to create the foundations of a successful business. “It challenges thought and inspires innovation”

·         Volume 1 – Prepares and implements lead generation tools and a marketing activity plan. A road map for your business success

·         First Aid section - Fast cash strategies for generating instant cash

·         Volume 2 – Installs a sales process for converting leads, teaches top sales principals for creating super performing sales people, maximising on customers for even more sales

·         Volume 3 – Utilising the 7 multipliers of sales to sky rocket your sales and convert your business into a money making machine, 120 proven methods of generating sales

·         Installs the foundations for the four pillars of a company:- Marketing, Management, Merchandise and Money

·         Outlines effective strategies to help you work ON your business instead of IN your business – So that you don’t HAVE to be there every day,  autopilots the business.

·         Creates a reference set of company manuals that adds value to your company or organisation

·         And much more.....


NOVA is designed to provide everything that you need to know, to turn your business into a money making machine.


With NOVA we will help you create a business building system based on the MOST effective, profitable and radical business growth strategies available.


NOVA is step-by-step and we provide practical instruction and work with you to help to implement the powerful strategies and systemise them to give you repeatable results week after week!


We will work with your company to implement NOVA success principals into your organisation

Download further information on the NOVA Business Growth System (pdf)  

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