SOCIAL MEDIA - Are you switched on?

In the the present age of information the channels for promotions in business have changed. Face book, Twitter & LinkedIn  Marketing will lead to key success.

With the advent of Social Media corporate organization must improvise their strategies to tap the potential target market. An online community created by your competitor on various social media networks with massive followers can break your business, even being accessed by iPhones or smart mobiles.




Social Networking sites have experienced exponential growth. A Social Media Expert can help you build a positive presence and increase your customer base.

In 2009, the population of Facebook surpassed that of the U.S.A. In this year Face book has crossed 500 million users globally. 74 % of the users are young adults. Hence consider the potential for marketing goods & services for consumer market.

LinkedIn has over 80 million users in over 200 countries who are Business men, Corporate Executives & Individuals offering professional services; imagine the potential market for your professional goods and service.

The impact of this on marketing through Social Media is staggering. Big corporations are quickly recognising the need to promote over Social Media. The phenomenal growth of Social Media (texting, blogging and networking) has the attention of every major company. Social Media Management has become an essential “must do” component in today’s business.

Social Media Marketing is less expensive than traditional ways of marketing. Social Media Networks are rapidly changing with time with new services being offered.

Social Media Marketing must be approached in a different manner as compared to the traditional marketing practices. You are not selling your business; you are creating relationships through communities. If people feel you are part of their community, they will support you and recommend you to their friends. It is truly word-of-mouth marketing at its best.

Do you have a Social Media Management plan and strategy?

Social Media Marketing has its own rules that are very different than traditional marketing. It is very important to know how to structure and manage a Social Media Marketing campaign as your company’s reputation depends on it. Marketing on Facebook, Linkedin or on Twitter are very different but are necessary for a complete campaign.


What do we offer ?

Do you have time to spend on social media networks?

Do you think handling accounts is becoming difficult for you or your employees who are also busy in different aspects of business?

Do you think creating a department for propagation on social media is unfeasible at this moment of time?

Instant Alchemy can offer help and advice to help you with your Social Media presence.


Instant Alchemy can assist your business in

Having a presence among the users of these social networks.  Hence we will create a virtual market place for you, where you will meet buyers for your goods & services.

Helping you in create a positive reputation for your business by engaging your clients with discussion and gaining feedback to improve your services over time.

Monitoring the global social media platform for any comments and blogs regarding your company, its products or services whether positive or negative, before your competitors   

This is the age of information; your company’s reputation depends on what people are saying about you, your products/services. Be the first on this stage and take control, make use of this powerful tool to leverage your company to greater opportunities that are truly global. Alternatively become complacent and the social media platform can be detrimental to your company, its products/service which sometimes can be irreversible, furthermore your company will be missing out on this unique facility to gain more market share, increase reputation and have a global presence.

Do you want your competitors to gain this advantage over you and reap the rewards?

Our services will help you to target the right audience.

If you are confused about social media marketing or it is consuming too much of your time for it to be effective, then we can help?

Our services will:

Create and Maintain business profiles on Social Media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and FaceBook. Creation of fan pages, groups.

Keep you aware of the newest Social Media networking platforms emerging every day and assistance in creating your presence on each of these with time if needed?

Assist you in creating more followers, sending out updates on a consistent basis (a must), and building your positive presence in the seemingly complex world of Social Media Networks

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